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Scream Kiwi Boop Ears

The Scream Kiwi line of ears were created to balance style with their small form factor. These ears are perfect for throwing on as you're running out of the house or lounging and binging a show at home. 

Their size and shape fits all head sizes.  Kiwi Boops stand out just enough if you have a smaller head or pass as a minimalist accessory if your head is a bit bigger than most. 

Every pair of ears is handcrafted, so some variations in size and shape do occur. However, most ears measure around 2.25 in (8.25 cm) from side to side, and 2.75 in (7 cm) from top to bottom. 

Each ear has a sewn on hair clip to help keep it upright on your head.  In your package you'll also get a metal headband that can be slotted through the bottom front of the ear, and bobby pins that can be put in the same slot if a headband is not your style. 

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