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This pair of ears were an experiment that mostly turned out alright. Between the ear and the fur I used dimensional glitter glue that somehow lost its dimension. I have a feeling the glitter glue will slowly come off over time, maybe adding purple or glitter to the white fur. The ear beneth the glue is just fine, so even if the glue fully comes off the ears are totally wearable. It's just not as perfect as I would have liked, and I'm selling them at a discount in case someone is alright with it. 


The Scream Kiwi Boop Ears are the perfect definition of "fun size", packing style in a smaller form factor. Each pair of ears purchased come with a removable headband, plastic caps for the headband ends, and bobby pins.

Galaxy White Scream Kiwi Boops

SKU: 9082132
$56.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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