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This pair of ears was an experiment that went mostly right. However, it's being sold at a cheaper price because it's not up the to same quality as the other ears, but is still perfectly wearable. The white fur was tinted using an orange felt marker and brushed into the fur. The coloring is not even, but does not affect how soft the fur feels. The color does not rub off on hands or clothing, but may fade overtime especially if in direct contact with the sun for long periods of time. 


White fur tinted orange with a felt marker, orange and gold poka-dot pattern inside, glittery orange trim, and white fur insided also tinted with orange felt marker.


The Scream Kiwi Boop Ears are the perfect definition of "fun size", packing style in a smaller form factor. Each pair of ears purchased come with a removable headband.

Hint of Orange Scream Kiwi Ears

SKU: 092922-9
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