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Spoop Boop Ears

The Spoop Boops were made specifically for Halloween, but unfortunately not made were made due to delays in getting the shop up and running. However I really wanted these ears to release before Halloween because I really like how they turned out. ​

I really don't have much to hype up about these ears, because they sort of speak for themselves in the pictures. Scream Kiwi asked if it was possible to make a more witch style ear, much like a Maine Coon ear.  I whipped up a few prototypes, and this is what we settled on. 

The reason these ears are more expensive than the regular Scream Kiwi Boops is due to the extra material and time that goes into them. Each ear has two types of furs that have been layered onto each other, and then blended by hand with a hair trimmer. I'm not very fast with a hair trimmer, so this adds a lot of time to the creation of each ear as I make many adjustments to try and get the fur as close to each other as possible. 

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